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CMG | ChromaZone


Forecasting Color for 2020  |  Pasadena, CA

June 2018: Design Spectrum attended this years CMG ChromaZone 2018. The workshop was a collaboration of industry experts and product design students forecasting color for 2020.  Our team gathered research based on the industrial design- architect- hospitality markets, then our impressions for possible future colors and shared them with the event members.


At the end of the day our team was lucky enough to have one of our colors chosen as the workshop's key color.

Key Color: SKYLINE

images sourced from

images sourced from


Girl scouts of America

 TOTO and Girl Scouts of America - Los Angeles,CA  

January 2018: Design Spectrum volunteered in helping 40 girl scouts from the Los Angeles Area in earning their Product Design Badge. The girls were in teams with one design professional to help create. The TOTO design team set up the design brief for the workshop and the girl scouts used this process. 

  1. PURPOSE: This badge teaches Juniors how to think like a product designer.

  2. ONE: Observe what makes a product great

  3. TWO: Be an innovation detective

  4. THREE: Figure out what is working and what is not.

  5. FOUR: Innovate to find solutions

  6. FIVE: Mess up so you can try again

  7. LAST: Finalize design and present to group

Product Design Badge

Product Design Badge